Fantasy Games and Tournaments

With 6 full-featured games, our system allows you to provide a complete gaming experience.

Tired of spending time entering a contest and hand selecting your lineup only to find out that the contest didn’t begin? This game drops the entrance requirements and allows contests to operate with as few as 2 separate entrants. This type of game is structured similarly standard fantasy sports game, so many clients who are new to DFS games will favor this type of game.

These games are extremely popular with experienced players and those who like to put it all on the line for the potential of a high return. Instead of competing for a game specific prize pools, this game operates just like any tiered sporting events. Players enter into the entry level qualifier and compete for the right to move up to the next bracket. By rolling over the entrance fees of many applicants up into a single game, the potential of return is very high. Because you are collecting entrance fees from many different users, these games also provide a large rake for the operators.

Experienced players with limited access to funding love these types of games. The rate of return on investment is unparalleled with any other game. The small entrance fee can also offer talented players the opportunity to enjoy many rounds for a low price.

This is by far the simplest, most accessible DFS game offered anywhere. Play head to head against a single opponent and put your skills to the test with a single winner takes all prize. It’s as easy as that! This game is an excellent way for new users to gain familiarity with your platform and learn the ropes of DFS gaming. Players who want to experiment with new lineup selection strategies are also free to do so here, allowing them to modify their gaming system without taking huge rusks.

Looking for a less competitive gaming experience? Instead of having to come out on top of dozens to hundreds of other applicants, this game type only requires you to be in the top 50%. Despite of the excellent odds, this game still pays back a high return by allowing players to nearly double their entrance fees.

When players are ready to move up from accessible games and start competing for big money, this is the only option. This game is structured similarly to a field level tournament with multi-tier prizing. Unlike games where payout can vary based on the number of entrants, these games attract players by offering a specific prize amount. These games are highly competitive, with only 10 to 25 percent of players receiving a return. But the rewards offered for selecting the correct lineup is unbeatable in any other game type.

This game type operates under a similar principal to 50/50. This time, instead of paying half of the players a smaller winners circle is selected. Because the operator receives a rake from the proceeds, playing a 50/50 game doesn’t completely double your money. Comparatively, playing a double up game awards just under half of the players double their buy-in, compensating for the operators rake. But doubling up isn’t the only option, Triple-up games are also available to provide higher returns to a smaller group of players.

Our goal was to create a flexible system that provides an all-inclusive DFS platform. Other DFS providers like to pretend that they offer a simpler, more streamlined experience by restricting the types of games available. But the fact remains that playing DFS games is a highly personal experience. Every player has their individual strategy and playing style that is specific to them. If your white label business can’t offer all game types, then you are simply losing out on potential income as those players turn to your competitors to have their needs met. With these six games we have covered all of the different playing styles, and this allows you to offer a competitive service

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