Liquidity Sharing
Some types of DFS games require a large number of players to improve payouts. The catch-22 of the situation is that lacking games with high payouts can reduce the appeal of your DFS service to potential players. How can you appeal to more clients when a lack of clients is the biggest issue facing new DFS providers? How can you increase your revenue quickly after your company’s inception to help you build your audience? We have a solution.
Liquidity Sharing is an exciting new development in the DFS world. Liquidity sharing allows you to share your client base with other DFS operators. By combining the players from multiple sites, we can take several contests that only have a few registered players and combine them into a single, full competition.

Financial Security

Some contests will not proceed unless there is enough registered players. Anytime a contest fails to move forward, you will have lost your portion of the rake from that game. With liquidity sharing, this is no longer something to worry about. You will see every one of your contests operating near, or at full capacity. Instead of losing revenue from the canceled games, you will still receive your fair portion of the rake from the players that you supplied to the competition.

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Improved User Experience

DFS players want to have the ability to play many games against a variety of players. Cancelled contests can give your contestants a negative experience, as they have essentially wasted time selecting a lineup and received no opportunity to compete. By eradicating these issues with Liquidity Sharing, we promote a positive user experience.

Not Just a System

When you license our DFS system, you are not just buying another piece of software. You are instead giving the opportunity for your business to tap into our enormous resource of contestants. Instead of having to start from the ground up, you have the opportunity to launch an established business with an existing pool of contestants to help entice registrations.

Client Security

We know how hard you work to grow your brand, and we want you to know that your clients are secure. When sharing contestants via liquidity sharing, your clients still manage their account through your website. They are not aware that their competitors may be using another service, and there is no incentive provided for them to register on another site. You retain 100% control over your customer base.