Fantasy Sports Solutions

White Label Licensing

In business, they say you should stick to what you know. Our expertise is based around building a complete, all-inclusive DFS gaming system. We employ a B2B model and allow our clients to license this system from us. This way, we can continue to focus on offering a world-class DFS experience.

In 2015, there were 57.4 million people taking part in DFS games. With an estimated growth rate or 7.4%, it’s obvious that this is more than just a passing trend. By allowing us to handle all the back-end aspects of running your business, you can start a successful DFS company even if you don’t have any experience in online gaming.

Developer Licensing

We have been in this industry for many years, and we know how time and money you spend growing your business. By giving you all the tools you need to offer world class customer support, your customers will remain loyal helping you maximize returns on your investment.

Larger operators will benefit from a developers license allowing for access to make changes to source code and host on their own servers. Use our platform as a spring board. Make our own unique game options and even manage your own daily fantasy sports network. Building your own DFS site is a large commitment in terms of investment and time, our fantasy sports solutions will have you in business faster.

Powerful API

We understand you may already have a sports or gaming related website with loyal customers. Having user bounce back and forth between sites can be frustrating. Thats why we offer over 20+ API functions including the ability to integrate with your current wallet and user database. This means we can add a fully functioning daily fantasy sports experience to ANY existing website.

A Flexible Platform

Just because you are licensing our software doesn’t mean that your website is going to look like everyone else’s. Our service is based around a customizable, modular design. In fact, free design integration service is included as part of our set-up procedure. Simply provide us with a .PSD file of your design, and we’ll modify our system to look the way you want it to.

Client Focused Model

We offer a live chat customer service app to help you address issues as they take place, preventing clients from having to wait to have their problems solved. By automatically verifying your clients age, location and other documentation, we help you prevent future issues with compliance and fraud. Looking for way to recover customers who haven’t played in a while? Take advantage of our customizable bonus and promotion system to increase client value.